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Previous Museum Studies students have completed their internships at the locations below:.


Polo Museale Fiorentino (oversees the state museums of Florence, including the Uffizi and Accademia)
Palazzo Strozzi, Florence
Palazzo Vecchio, Florence
Museo Galileo, Florence 
National Archaeological Museum, Florence
Centro Luigi Pecci (Centre for Contemporary Art), Prato
MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Art), Rome
The Patrons of Arts at the Vatican Museums, Rome

Europe + Mediterranean

Israel Museum, Jerusalem
National Archaeological Museum, Athens

United States

Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC 
National Archives, Washington, DC 
Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center, Anchorage, AK  
Morgan Library, NYC 
Jewish Museum, NYC 
MassMOCA, North Adams, MA 
Illinois Holocaust Museum, Skokie, IL
Children's Museum, Indianapolis 
San Diego Museum of Art 
Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History
9/11 Museum, NYC