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Resident Assistant

The Resident Assistant offers a remuneration of room and partial board and is valid for the fall and spring semesters. This position will require 15 hours of work per week at the residence and running student programs. The actual number of hours required to complete RA assignments and programs in any given week may vary.
Job Responsibilities
The Resident Assistant will work for the Marist-LdM office of Residential Life and will reside in a building that houses no more than 40 Marist undergraduate students in apartment-style or dormitory living arrangements. The primary responsibility of the RA is to facilitate the growth and development of the residence community, under the guidance of the Resident Directors and the Office of Housing and Residence Life, and help each student achieve their academic, social, and personal goals. RA's play a key role in creating an environment for students that is conducive to academic, personal, and social growth. The Resident Assistant will adhere to and enforce all aspects of the Student Code of Conduct and Residential Handbook and promote a sense of community throughout the entire Marist residence. The RA must take an active role in developing and implementing a variety of residence life programming that is educational and practical and must exercise authority in crisis situations, and take an active role in the prevention of such situations.


  • Strong communication and organization skills     
  • Ability to meet given deadlines
  • Ability and desire to interact with students
  • Demonstrated experience in Student/Residential Life
  • Knowledge of Italy, Florence and surrounding areas desired
  • Experience planning and coordinating events and activities
  • Previous experience as a resident assistant/director preferred