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Master's Degree Tuition and Fees: 2017-2018

The fees listed below are for the 2017-2018 academic year. The full-time tuition rate assumes 13 credits for the Fall and Spring semesters and 8 credits for the Summer. Students taking less or more than the standard number of credits in any session will be charged the per-semester-hour rate for each credit.  Tuition and Fees outlined are specific to each academic session unless otherwise noted. Costs are shown in United States Dollars and Euros. All Marist costs are in US dollars. The Euro exchange rates are estimated conversions; please check the market for the most up to date rates. 



  US Dollars Euros
Session One - Fall (13 Credits) $12,740.00  11,375.00
Session Two - Spring (13 Credits) $12,740.00  €11,375.00
Session Three - Summer (8 Credits) $7,840.00  €7,00.00
Part Time Enrollment
(average class = 3 credits)
Over 13 Credit Enrollment $980/ 



Annual Housing Deposit $300.00 €267.86 
Double Occupancy Room (per semester) $3,825.00 €3,415.18
Single Occupancy Room (per semester) $6,000.00 €5,357.14



Application Fee* $50.00           €44.64
Health Insurance (per semester) $375.00 €334.82
Orientation Fee* $500.00 €446.43
Activity Fee (per semester) $300.00 €267.85
Lab Fee (fees related to MA coursework - per semester) $600.00 €535.71
Lunch Meal Plan (optional - per semester) $590.00 €526.79

* One time fee



Transcript Fee $5.00 €4.46
Readmission Fee $75.00 €66.96
Lost or Replacement Key Fee $65.00 €58.04
Returned Check Fee $15.00 €13.39
Wire Fee (cost of any wire payments) varies varies
Audit Fee $250.00 €223.21

NOTE: The fees listed above are for the 2017-2018 Academic year. All fees are subject to change for subsequent years and may do so without notice. In addition to the fees listed above, students participating in the Graduate Degree Program may incur additional fees, not payable to Marist College, for items such as airline tickets, course supplies, books, optional language instruction and personal expenses. A sample out-of-pocket budget is below. Please note these are estimates and can vary depending on each student's lifestyle and needs.  



Transportation per semester (plane travel, buses, taxis, etc.)  $1,700.00  €1517.86
Documents per semester (passport, visa, permesso, etc.) $300.00  €267.86
Course Supplies per semester (books, materials, etc.) $800.00  €714.29
Meals per semester (self-prepared) $2,400.00  €2,142.86
Misc. per semester (laundry, mail, etc.)  $500.00  €446.43

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Financial Aid

We know that a college education is a significant investment for many families, and want to be sure our students receive the best value for their investment. Many of our families discover that with proper options, the cost of Marist College is within reach.

The Marist College Office of Student Financial Services is committed to providing affordability options and managing the equitable distribution of student aid funds. The office coordinates student employment both on and off campus and is responsible for student billing. We are dedicated to promoting accessibility through personalized service and integrity.

The Office of Student Financial Services will make every effort to assist you with financing the cost of your education.