Marist Student Interns with the United Nations

Lillian is a student at the Florence campus, she worked with the UN in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Marist College Florence ItalyLillian Palmbach, an undergraduate student at the Marist-LdM campus, has just completed an internship with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Palmbach, who will earn her bachelor’s degree in Conservation Studies and Restoration this spring, is both an honor roll student and a world-class artist. For her internship with UNDP, Palmbach returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina, her home country, to explore an interest outside of her Florence studies: military logistical operations.

Interning as a Development Consultant for Project EXPLODE, a branch of the UNDP that aids the Ministry of Defense in its effort to prevent uncontrolled explosions of unstable ammunition in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Palmbach’s “boundless creativity” and “sincere curiosity for aid work” rendered her an “extremely valuable team member” (akvo.org).

Palmbach returns to Florence this spring to complete her bachelor’s degree.

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