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Student Activities

Marist-LdM offers a wide array of school sponsored activities for all student types.  Students have the opportunity to join clubs based upon their interests, attend various programs ranging from cultural education and immersion to student development, and participate in educational trips to other parts of Italy and neighboring countries.

Students have the opportunity to join various clubs and organizations examples include Writing Club, Dance Club, Music Club, Volunteer Club, Photography Club, and Athlete‚Äôs Club.  Some clubs have a maximum number of members and students interested in these clubs are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible after arriving.

There are also many opportunities to participate in social, educational, and cultural programs hosted by the Marist Resident Life Staff.  Previous programs have included climbing up to the top of the Duomo, learning about the best study nooks and cafes in Florence, movie night, international cooking night, and touring various museums from the Academia to the Uffizi.  Programs are run by the student and professional staff and are open to all Marist students studying in Florence.

The Freshman Florence Experience, Bachelors and masters programs, as part of their cultural immersion, have the opportunity to participate in one overnight and one day trip per academic year.  The goal of these trips is to provide the students with an opportunity to experience the rich culture and history of the surrounding area.  Trips can range from visiting family owned and operated cheese, prosciutto, and vinegar farms in Parma to hiking, boating, and swimming on Lake Como in the Italian Alps.   Past excursions have included visits to Croatia, Rome, Torino, and Switzerland.