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Basic Painting Course

Undergraduate Basics of Painting Course- Florence, Italy

ART111- Credits: 3 – Contact Hours: 45 N

At Marist-LdM the aim of the Basic Painting course is for study abroad students to learn the basic knowledge of oil painting techniques as well as to discover their personal brush stroke, favorite colors, and the ability to personalize one’s composition. Throughout the course students are given the opportunity to learn the basics of painting while being immersed in the epicenter of Italian Renaissance art and culture.

Basic Painting Class Overview

The Basic Painting course is an introduction to the traditional techniques of oil painting for beginning students or students with no previous training in Fine Arts. The entry level painting class deals with the most fundamental principles and elements of still-life painting, with an emphasis on the perception and buildup of form, tone, and color on a two dimensional surface. Exercises are introduced to students in highly structured lessons, including the theory of color, supplemented by practical demonstrations. Reference to the exceptional works of art in the city of Florence will be investigated and Marist-LdM Undergraduate Catalog 74 analyzed as an integral part of the course.

Listed at LdM as PDM 140: Foundation Oil Painting

Prerequisite: Prerequisites vary based on major and course of study, please consult your advisor.

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