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B.S. Digital Media

Digital Media is one of the fastest growing and most competitive professional fields of the modern age. The Marist Digital Media degree allows students to understand media through both digital and traditional techniques and learn how to appeal to an audience while placing a personal stamp on a project.

Students learn how to analyze graphic, B.S. Digital Mediaadvertising, and communication needs and how to address these needs though graphic design, illustrating and animating, creating brands, identities and objects in order to convey a message. Students will learn how to successfully communicate this message to their intended audience by learning how to recognize the strong points of a product, a brand, or an idea and convey those through all different kinds of media.

The digital media degree allows students to take projects from concept to reality by allowing students to execute a concept. The ability to see a project from start to finish will allow students to understand how design must mesh with the technology that is used to execute the final product. Students will be able to make strategic decisions in a super-competitive world, read market trends and formulate dynamic, effective and successful solutions.

Mac and Windows sit side-by-side in our multi-functional labs where, in addition to the most recent technology, traditional techniques are also studied and put to good use. Techniques are learned through practice and experience, as well as through the vast literature available not only in the school library, but also in the digital media department library. Printed material isn't just consulted, but also produced, thanks to our state-of-the-art printing center, developed to offer every printing opportunity to our students, from plotting to binding-even cloth printing!

Careers in Digital Media

  • Webpage design
  • Advertising
  • Computer game images and animation

Note: A minimum of 60 credits in Liberal Arts is required.