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B.P.S. Interior Design

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The study of Interior Design focuses on developing each student's creativity by intersecting it with visual, technical, and architectural design principles. Mastery of these principles will enhance a student's understanding of space, creativity, and art, while encouraging each person's own imagination allowing students to correctly channel and focus ideas, avoid clich├ęs, and collect new stimuli.

The bachelor's degree curriculum has been designed with an innovative foundation in both classic interior design and architectural rendering that will allow students to become practitioners in the field. The faculty of the Interior Design program believe that a study of contemporary culture and social principles are crucial for the modern designer.

Students work closely with both classmates and professors to achieve a multi-disciplinary approach to projects, designed to bring an idea from concept to reality. Students will learn to facilitate all phases of a project by working with different departments, professors, and professionals to fully understand all of the complexities and challenges of the real work field.


The Marist interior design program is equipped to help students through all phases of study and project execution. Classrooms are designed in a studio format to allow creativity and building. A state of the art computer lab is available for digital design and model construction. The facilities contain everything necessary to transform an idea into a project is available.

These facilities are complimented by a team of professionals, architects and designers that are intensely dedicated to their profession and to teaching. Brought to life by a passion for their job, they involve students in their creative adventures. They seek to share with students not only all their love of this work, but also the difficulties and challenges.

Interior Design

Careers in Interior Design

  • Civic design
  • Residential design
  • Community design 

Required Portfolio for Interior Design Applicants PDF