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B.A. Italian Language

Communication through language is at the core of human experience, and the study of a foreign language provides a powerful key to successful interaction. The ability to communicate efficiently and sensitively in another language with people of different cultural backgrounds can only enhance one’s professional advancement in any career. The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures aims to enrich students’ education by helping them gain a rich preparation for the future through the support of global studies, teacher education, international tracks in other disciplines and, in general, career opportunities in key areas of domestic and international service where knowledge of a foreign language facilitates and increases the level of success.

B.A. Italian LanguageThe Italian area of the division affords the serious student of a foreign language the unique opportunity to take advantage of the Italy branch campus and Marist Abroad Program, featuring individual placement and ease of exchange, generally during the sophomore or junior years, in Florence, Rome, Tuscania, Venice and other select sites in Italian-speaking environments. The Italian program is offered in its entirety at the branch campus in Florence.

The Italian Minor helps prepare students interested in working with Italian or Italian American communities and institutions in the United States and abroad. This program offers a broad foundation in the humanities and social sciences. Students will expand their cultural literacy and language skills by integrating a variety of courses from the fields of business, communications, economics, education, fashion, history, and politics.


Note: A minimum of 90 credits in Liberal Arts is required.

STUDY ABROAD REQUIREMENT: Students at the Marist main campus in Poughkeepsie must complete a minimum of 15 credits of course work in the major at the Florence branch campus. Additional semester(s) of study are strongly encouraged. Other study abroad programs in Italian-speaking environments will be considered with advisor approval; branch campus students are encouraged to spend a semester at one of our Italy sites in Rome, Tuscania, or Venice.

Careers in Italian Language

  • International business
  • Teaching
  • Interpreting