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Studio Arts Bachelor’s Degree

Earn a B.S. in Studio Arts in Florence, Italy 

Studio Arts Bachelor’s Degree

Similar to the B.A. in Fine Art with a concentration in Studio Art, the Studio Arts Bachelor’s degree offers undergraduate students the same opportunities to embrace the city of Florence, Italy; birthplace of modern humanism and the cradle of the Renaissance civilization. The B.S. in Studio Art differs from the Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree requirements, requiring less focus on liberal arts and adding an additional emphasis on studio work.

Undergraduate students who choose to pursue a university-level Studio Arts Bachelor’s degree will find that Florence, Italy is the ideal destination for those interested in studying studio art, giving students the exciting opportunity to draw and paint in response to the historic and contemporary art, architecture and culture of Florence, Italy. In leaving studio walls behind, Studio Arts Bachelor’s degree students will receive a university education while creating art in the cities and landscapes of Florence, Italy itself. Through the Studio Arts Bachelor’s Degree traditional and contemporary approaches to art making will be explored.

Studying Studio Arts Through a Bachelor’s Degree in Florence, Italy

B.S. in Studio Arts programs at Marist College stimulate and develop the potential individual creativity of students, providing them not only with the technical skills but also the conceptual insights necessary for the development of artistic talent. Marist College gives its undergraduate Studio Arts students the tools necessary for entering the competitive labor market.

Through the Studio Arts B.A. degree program in Florence, Italy undergraduate students have the opportunity to restore paintings through Art Restoration courses, learn traditional sculpture techniques and develop their visual Photography skills through immersion in the exquisite beauties of the Italian culture. Additionally, Marist College provides its Studio Art Bachelor’s degree students with library and computing facilities, a wide range of student clubs and societies, organized cultural events, field trips and site visits.

Studio Art B.S. Degree Careers

  • Art director
  • 3D modelers
  • Illustrators

Required Portfolio for B.S.Studio Art Applicants PDF

Requirements For A Bachelors of Science in Studio Art 

Note: A minimum of 60 credits in Liberal Arts is required.

The Marist-LdM program is the only four-year U.S. Bachelor’s degree program located in Florence, Italy. Courses are taught in English by international faculty. In addition to focused classes related to the Studio Art major, undergraduate students will begin taking university-level courses in Marist College’s recognized core-curriculum designed to develop undergraduate students’ critical thinking, writing, and communication skills. This provides undergraduate students with a balanced education preparing them for either continued education or a professional career.