American Schools in Italy

Earn an American Bachelor’s Degree Through a Study Abroad Experience

Earning your degree from Marist-LdM is just like attending an American school, except with the added benefit of attending college in Florence, Italy, in the midst of Renaissance Art and history, which make up the city’s charm and vitality through museums, landmarks, and bustling marketplaces. Marist-LdM is the only four-year Bachelor’s Degree program in Italy and is created with the same recognized core curriculum used on our Poughkeepsie, NY campus. As an undergraduate, you will be gaining the same comprehensive education while immersed in the cultural experiences of studying abroad.

Benefits of Studying in Italy Through an American School

Students at Marist-LdM are given the same benefits as undergraduates attending our New York campus. You are given access to academic advisors to assist with course recommendations and program choices; you are even eligible to earn scholarships offered to our main campus applicants. The core curriculum used at Marist has also been brought into the LdM programs, providing the same foundation of knowledge for all students across all Marist programs.

Studying at an American school in Italy comes with the added benefit of learning in a city that is overflowing with history and inspiration. While you are connecting with students who are experiencing the same changes in culture and lifestyle, you will be able to expand your understanding of new cities and people. With an increase in students who are studying abroad, you will also find many American students throughout the city with whom you can connect. Being in Italy and studying abroad will feel more and more like a home away from home!

You may still be skeptical of choosing a four-year degree abroad, especially when it comes to deciding how to make yourself marketable to employees after graduation. Studying abroad at the Marist-LdM campus won’t make you less desirable. In fact, international experience has become an extremely valuable asset in the competitive job market. Many companies are looking to globalize their brand, and hiring an employee who understands the differences between American culture and international cultures can be a benefit to many companies and organizations.

Earning your degree at an American school in Italy can prove to be an incredible experience. All you have to do is take the first step toward completing your application. You could be the next student exploring the streets of Florence and earning the degree of your dreams. Contact us to learn more about the Marist-LdM program and how you can benefit from an American education with an study abroad experience.