Art Degree Career Options

Studying Art at Marist LdM

The Marist LdM Art degree programs provide students interested in a career in art with skills that go far beyond drawing, painting and sculpture. Each art degree program helps students develop skills such as technical knowledge, communication, and problem solving. These skills can be applied to various careers and jobs. Common career options for students who major in art include arts managers, art therapists, archivists, forensic artists, illustrators, curators, and arts educators. While completing your Bachelor’s degree in art at Marist-LdM, consider where you want to take your degree after college.

Careers for Studio Art Majors

Whether you choose to earn your B.A. or B.S. in Studio Art at Marist LdM, the curriculum will provide a foundation in understanding color, line, and space, as well as the progression of art and artists through history. Studying in the center of the rich culture of Florence, Italy can provide a background to find inspiration for paintings and drawings in order to help you create your own artistic style and appreciation for all things art.

The Studio Art major also allows students to choose from elective courses in any arena, including digital media, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. These electives can help studio art majors to identify the platform on which they want to become professionals. Careers for Studio Art majors range from commercial artists to 3D modelers to set designers for theater, television, and films.

A Career in Art History

The Art History degree at LdM teaches students through a survey of western art history, as well as a closer look at select periods of art. A comprehensive understanding in the development of art is achieved through the Art History program. To round out the degree, many students also take complementary courses in a foreign language of their choice.

Common careers of Art History majors are curators or museum managers. Art history majors may also follow career paths in archiving or investing, depending on the interest they develop throughout their studies.

Career Options for Conservation Artists

Aspiring conservationists at Ldm learn from the best in technique and tools for preserving artworks or art sites. Students work with different mediums such as frescoes, wood, and paint. School trips allow students to practice their classroom tactics on actual art productions in local museums. Students can even learn about creating and maintaining exhibitions or historical sites. These skills prepare art conservation students for careers as art conservators, reproduction arts, and forensic artists.

Studying art at LdM provides students with opportunities to gain experience in the industry through classroom projects and work opportunities. Students can also complement their major with any course from another art topic to gain a wide understanding of art and its foundations. Art majors may also pursue continuing degrees in graphic design or computer technology to move their skillset to a modern industry. In a city teeming with history and culture, the chance to gain knowledge beyond the classroom is never-ending.

If you are interested in learning more about Marist LdM Art programs contact an Admission advisor today. Don’t hesitate on starting your future in the art world.