Select the Best Study Abroad Program in Italy

Learn Why the Marist-LdM Four-Year Study Abroad Program is Right For You

Best Italy Study Abroad Program Imagine walking along the streets of Florence past famous museums, beautiful cathedrals, elaborate buildings, and admired churches on your way to class, or spending Fall break traveling across Europe and Northern Africa. Imagine being taught to cook local recipes by Italian chefs and purchasing food at the central market. Imagine restoring works of art from Renaissance artists such as Dante, Michelangelo and Botticelli, or collaborating with photographers and finding models for local fashion shows. Turn your imagination of Florence into reality by applying to complete your undergraduate degree at Marist’s Branch Campus in Italy. Once there, you’ll see why the Marist Italy program is the best Italian study abroad program for your Bachelor’s degree.

You are probably already anxious to fill out the application, so take a moment to learn why the Marist LdM four-year study abroad program is right for you. Among being one of the leading locations for artists, Florence is the second largest study abroad destination for English speaking students. Because of the volume of students wanting to spend their undergraduate years abroad, Florence has developed into a dynamic living, learning community, providing opportunities for students to expand their knowledge outside of the classroom and take part in local culture and tradition.

Marist, having partnered with Instituto Lorenzo de’Medici to create the Marist-LdM program, offers the unique opportunities of access to exclusive works of art, city sites, and events with other campuses across Italy. There isn’t one day where students who choose to take part in the best Italy study abroad program won’t be immersed in the sights, sounds, and culture of Florence and the history that has shaped the city. The hybrid creation of an American degree program with the experience of living internationally creates a special experience for students. There are so many undiscovered parts of Italy to be explored and used as inspiration for a variety of degrees in humanities and the arts.

If your only qualm is moving abroad for four years, take time to learn why the Marist LdM four-year study abroad program is right for you. There is a reason it is one of the best Italy study abroad programs for students. Marist-LdM has created a detailed orientation program to create a comfortable transition abroad and laid out steps for your pre-departure to ensure you are able to make the most of earning your bachelor’s degree in Florence, Italy. Contact Marist today and learn more about Marist Italy and all the wonders that are waiting for you.