Careers for Art Conservation and Restoration Students

Career Paths for Students with a B.S. in Conservation Studies

Art conservation and restoration professionals assist in preserving some of history’s most timeless displays of brilliance. Florence Italy, the cradle of Renaissance civilization, is steeped in culture from some of the most creative minds to grace the world of art. Florence was the inspirational canvas for creative minds like Dante, Brunelleschi, Botticelli, and Leonardo da Vinci. To keep these works preserved from the elements, it takes trained professionals with an Art Restoration and Conservation Studies Bachelor’s Degree. Marist-LdM offers the opportunity to earn such a degree while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. The Conservation Studies Bachelor’s degree offers students the chance to purse a career in art conservation and restoration with four years of educational opportunities that are unparalleled to other Conservation Studies B.S. programs.

Over four years, Art Restoration and Conservation students studying abroad at Marist-LdM are immersed in a culture that allows for daily exposure and hands on access to historical art, architecture and sculpture. The backdrop of the Florence Italy campus allows for educational instruction as students walk to and from class. Upon graduation, Art Conservation Studies students will have honed their artistic background and art history knowledge allowing them to gain an advantage when it comes time to seek out careers in the art conservation and restoration field. Some possible career paths for students with a B.S. in conservation studies include:

  • Conservator: With specialized education and training, this occupation is responsible for the repair and preservation of art, buildings and items of cultural and environmental interest.
  • Conservation Administrator: A professional with the knowledge of a conservator, this position is responsible for the administrative aspects of conservation activities.
  • Conservation Educator: Primary occupation is to call upon their personal education and experience to teach and educate others in the principles and methods of art restoration.
  • Conservation Scientist: Their primary focus is to support the activities of conservation through the research of cultural heritage and scientific inquiry.
  • Conservation Technician: This position encompasses a broad range of responsibilities pertaining to basic conservation methods employed in the public or private sector.
  • Preservation Specialist: An individual trained and experienced in specific preventive care activities in accordance with supervision of a conservator.

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