Life as a Study Abroad Student

Attending College in Florence, Italy

Life as a study abroad student is a huge departure from the traditional college experience, and can be an exciting adventure for those who choose to earn their Bachelor’s degree abroad. Attending college in Florence, Italy will turn your adventure into an unforgettable cultural experience that will give you the tools you need for career success.

Attending College in Florence ItalyAs a four-year study abroad student in the Marist Italy program through Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici, you are given the chance to immerse yourself inside a new culture that is rich in history and art. Florence, once ruled by the Medici Family, was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Famous artists and free thinkers such as Dante, Galileo, and Leonardo da Vinci's works are on display across museums throughout the city. As a student attending college in Florence, Italy you are given the opportunity to explore these amazing works of art and become well-versed in the history of Italy.

Marist-LdM focuses its academic programs to give an in-depth look at fashion, design, history, art, and architecture. Student-planned trips can explore these avenues of Tuscan culture. Life as a study abroad student will never leave you short of travel and food options! Most apartments are placed in and around the city center to ensure students always have the opportunity to visit local markets and become a Tuscan “foodie.” Excursions are made easy to local towns and cities surrounding Florence such as Rome, Assisi, Venice, and Lucca.

Students are encouraged to develop a sense of independence as they explore the different aspects of Italian culture. Traveling, eating, learning, and living as a study abroad student provides an immense amount of benefits to develop life-skills and an appreciation for cultures outside of the traditional college experience.

Contact Marist-LdM today and learn about life as a study abroad student in the Marist Italy bachelor’s degree program in Florence, Italy and watch a video about the degree programs that are available through the Marist branch campus in Florence.