Do You Need to Know Italian to Study in Italy?

Studying in Italy as an American College Student 

Do You Need to Know Italian to Study in ItalyThere are few experiences more enjoyable, beautiful, and fulfilling as studying in Italy as an American college student. Marist College is proud to offer a bachelor’s degree program in partnership with Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici in Florence, Italy for students seeking to experience a different culture as they earn their degree. You’ll learn in the heart of Florence, with its most famous landmarks a part of your daily walking commute. And before you ask, no, you do not need to know Italian to study in Italy. Let’s explore why so many students choose to take advantage of Marist College’s LdM program.

First and foremost, Florence is an amazing city with a rich history and culture. Walkable and vibrant, it is full of great architecture, statues, and famous cultural landmarks that at will leave you discovering something new almost daily. You may begin your journey as a tourist, but you will most definitely leave feeling like a local.

Studying In Italy for English Speaking Students

Almost all of the students who take advantage of the Marist bachelor’s degree in Italy do not speak Italian. Though speaking the native tongue would be a major benefit to anyone journeying to a foreign country, it is not necessary for you to know Italian to be admitted into the program. Classes are taught in English by international faculty. However, you will notice that immersing yourself in the Italian culture will help you pick up the Italian language quicker than you might have imagined. This is definitely an added bonus to anyone studying abroad in Italy. And of course, we offer Italian language courses to further help integrate students into the culture.

The core curriculum of the Marist-LdM Italy program is designed to develop students’ critical thinking, writing, and communication skills. This is essentially the same program taught in the American campus, albeit in a far different setting. The Marist-LdM program offers American students the chance to study majors such as Studio Art, Art History, Conservation Studies, Digital Media, Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Italian Language. We also offer minors in Art History and Studio Art. Considering how close you will be to some of the most important works of art throughout history, not to mention such fashionable areas as Milan and Venice, it’s hard to imagine a program that could offer more learning outside of the classroom.

Oh, and we hear the food in Italy is pretty good too, which is why we also offer cooking classes for new students. Mangia!

If you’re a student interested in studying in Italy, this is your chance to earn your degree from one of the most reputable colleges in America. Not only will you earn your bachelor’s degree in the heart of one of the greatest countries in the world, you may also learn something about yourself as well.  


Published by Laura Zurowski