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Marc & Karen LiuMarc & Karen Liu

Hometown: Northport, NY
Student's Name: Dana (FFE 2010-2011)
What was your initial reaction after discovering the Freshman Florence Experience (FFE)?
What were some of your concerns about sending your child to the Florence branch campus?
Unexpected emergencies. Her safety in an unknown city.
How did you arrive at the conclusion that the FFE would be the best option for your child? What were the contributing factors?
Incredible opportunity, not only toward her career goals, but for her personal growth. The airfare incentive was the biggest factor. Because it wouldn't cost much more for her to study abroad, it was a no brainer.
What steps did you take to help prepare your child for this experience?
We sat down with her and voiced our concerns and tried to equip her with some tools to cope with different situations that may arise.
How did you communicate with your child during his/her time in Florence?
Skype, e-mail, phone
What is your favorite memory or story from your child’s experience?
When she made her first meal and she thought it was terrific!
How has this program affected your child? What have they gained? How have they grown?
Broadened her outlook. More self-assured. Matured by leaps and bounds. She was already a mature kid, but after the program she came into her own.
What advice would you give prospective families who are considering enrolling their student in the FFE?
Encourage them to join any social media involved with the program, Facebook with other students going, read any posts or blogs from current and past participants. Have talks about anything and everything.