Finding a Job After Studying Abroad

How Study Abroad Will Make You a Marketable Employee

As an undergraduate, making the choice to study abroad with the Marist LdM four year study abroad program can help you gain the experiences your future employer is looking for, and more importantly, help you secure a job after studying abroad. There are many benefits that studying abroad can have on your career and it’s up to you to seek out ways to enhance your marketability.

After returning from studying abroad, it is important to consider the ways in which your experiences can connect back to your academic major and career aspirations moving forward. One way that students can build upon their unique opportunity of living abroad is by identifying the ways in which they, as students, have developed a sense of individuality, independence, and motivation to excel in the future.

Including a Study Abroad Program on Your Resume

A resume is a great place to begin outlining how the goals you have accomplished while studying abroad were important to your academic and professional development. You can include the courses you completed relevant to your degree and the location of your study abroad experience in the education section of a resume. You can also include any volunteering, internships, working experience, or campus involvement in your experience section. As a study abroad student in Florence, Italy, you have a unique opportunity to become familiar with the Italian language, which can be a great asset to the skills section of your resume. Last but not least, you can use international references to build a strong resume package for your potential employer.

From these additions, your resume will stand out from the crowd and make you a unique job candidate for any company in your desired field of study.

Life and Career Skills Earning While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad also provides students with general life skills that are important in the workplace. Focus, motivation, maturity, independence, and responsibility will be apparent in your interviewing process as you relate your study abroad adventure to the goals for yourself in your desired career. Explaining how these experiences have prepared you for the real world will show employers how marketable you truly are and how much you can bring to their business.

In a world that is becoming increasingly global, your experiences in another country will provide the assurance that you are capable of professionally interacting with individuals and groups from other cultures. Companies value these experiences and you, as an potential employee, can consider it a “leg up” in your job search. Finding a job after studying abroad won’t be as challenging when you have these unique stories that your potential employers will remember.

Consider your study abroad experience as more than just a chance to travel somewhere new. Whether you spend an inter-session, semester, full year or more studying outside your home country, the many valuable opportunities and experiences will help you grow as a professional once you enter the corporate world. Finding a job and starting your career after studying abroad won’t be as challenging as you think when you apply your experiences in the ways mentioned above. What are you waiting for? Apply now to earn your Bachelor’s degree in Florence, Italy at Marist LdM.

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