I Want To Go To College in Italy, What Do I Have To Do?

Learn more about the application process, program benefits, and more.

For those seeking an experience that goes far beyond the traditional college experience, Marist College is proud to offer a host of graduate and undergraduate classes right in the heart of Florence, Italy. Marist, in partnership with Instituto Lorenzo de' Medici, gives students the opportunity to live, learn and earn a bachelor's or Master's degree in the birthplace of the Renaissance.

"OK," you say, "I'm sold. What do I have to do to go to college in Italy?"

Before you can begin your journey, you must apply. Regardless of the degree program, you will need to submit an application. Each academic program has its own admission requirements, so it's important to know exactly which program you will be applying for. Click here for more information on the various programs and to get started. Within this application process is generally an essay relevant to the area of study, as well as a focus on high school and/or prior college transcripts. As a test optional school, you can certainly include standardized test scores, though they're not necessary. Marist takes a holistic approach to the application review, and considers both classroom performance and the personal characteristics of each student.

If you're ready to apply, click here to begin the application process.

Apart from living in one of the most culture-rich cities in the world, the Marist-LdM program offers graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to learn from an international collection of professors. All classes are taught in English, so there's no worry of a language barrier in the classroom. Your classmates will also be an international collection of students, each seeking to expand their life experiences beyond school. Much like the skills you develop in class, the memories made here will last you a lifetime.

The best part of the Marist-LdM program is that is priced competitively to other colleges and universities found in the states. Undergraduates in the Marist-LdM program are housed in apartments arranged by the program, in the center of Florence, Italy. Housing is guaranteed for students studying abroad, making the transition even easier. Marist also offers scholarships and financial aid to students who qualify.

One last thing to consider is that fact that you will need a passport and visa. Before applying for the Marist-LdM program, apply for your passport so that you may travel internationally. In addition, all students who are non-EU citizens will need a visa. Marist provides information about how to secure the necessary documents on the Pre-Departure section of our website. Once these are taken care of, you're clear for take off!

We hope that this gives you some insight into the application process and what you can expect once you're accepted into the program. Should you have any questions, our admission office is available to assist you with finding any answers you may need in completing your application. Please contact us at 001-845-575-3226 or admission@marist.edu. Our office is available to answer questions via email, telephone, or Skype. We also provide online information sessions and virtual tours upon request.