Attending an International College in Italy

Study Abroad at an International College

There are over 80 international colleges scattered throughout Italy, with several centered in the city of Florence. Flowing with students, the city has become a cosmopolitan playground with fresh markets, museums, and festivals and celebrations; all to entertain students who are studying abroad.

One of the greatest benefits of studying abroad at an international college is the interaction with people from all over the world. Each student brings their own story and personal experiences which can shape their time abroad. You will gain appreciation for not only Florentine culture but also the culture of the people you meet and study with. When you finish your degree program, you will see how the benefits of the cultural melting pot in which you studied gives you a step ahead in an increasingly global world. 

Undergraduate international colleges in Italy are offering a growing number of courses in English, as well. Students can learn Italian while abroad, instead of before going abroad, which allows them to practice in conversations with their fellow students and while they are traveling around the country. Students can become immersed in the rich traditions of Italy in every aspect.

Our international college program through Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici offers these advantages to students. The campus is located in the city of Florence where an abundance of museums and art galleries are awaiting exploration. Our program gives students first-hand experience in Italian cooking and navigating local food markets. All courses in the Marist-LdM program are offered in English and allow students to interact with international and exchange students from outside of the United States. Excursions and class trips allow students to take advantage of traveling outside of the city to other areas of the country. The opportunity to interact with students from around the world will never end while attending an international college in Italy such as Marist-LdM.

Choose the Marist-LdM program for your international study abroad Bachelor’s degree and expand your horizons and appreciation for a diverse world. International students and American students connect abroad to learn about conservation of art, fashion design, interior design, and more. With the opportunity to learn from trained professionals and interact with different cultures, the inspiration found while studying is practically limitless.

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