A Once In a Lifetime Experience of Studying Abroad

Earning Your Bachelor's Degree in Italy

Marist Italy offers the only four-year bachelor’s program available in Florence. The Marist-LdM partnership offers a once in a lifetime experience for those looking to study abroad. Earning your Bachelor’s degree in Italy can provide endless benefits that qualify it as a top choice for many art, restoration, and Italian language majors. Classes are minutes away from famous museums and historic basilicas, and opportunities for travel across Europe provide ways for undergraduate students to combine knowledge gained in the classroom with real-world experiences.

A Once In a Lifetime Experience of Studying Abroad

At your typical American university, students spend hours studying classics in art and literature but may never get a chance to view the Mona Lisa or sculptures by Italian artists. By taking their educational experience abroad through Marist-LdM, students can actually help restore famous paintings. This kind of opportunity isn’t your average resume booster, it’s a once in a lifetime experience provided by studying abroad.

Make the choice and follow your college career to Italy at the Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici. Marist-LdM offers programs in Studio Art, Art History, Conservation Studies, Digital Media, Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Italian language. Minors in Art History and Studio Art are also available in addition to a Certificate in Fine Arts.

Don’t be afraid to give your college experience a whirlwind adventure by earning a bachelor’s degree in Italy. You can still gain many of the great aspects of a typical college degree such as student activities in sports, service, and clubs for specialized interests. Marist-LdM also offers on-campus housing with full residential staff and support services. You are even provided a curriculum advisor on our main campus in New York to ensure you graduate on time with the right degree program for you!

Contact Marist Italy today and learn how to jumpstart your international college experience with the many wonderful programs offered abroad. Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience provided by studying abroad at Marist College and the Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici.