Is It Safe to Go to College Abroad?

Safety Concerns When Earning Your Bachelor's Degree Abroad

Students interested in immersing themselves in rich cultural experiences provided by the Marist-LdM program can feel confident in the services provided by Marist College and Instituto Lorenzo de’Medici. The two colleges have worked together to address safety concerns so that students will no longer wonder if it is safe to study abroad.

Is It Safe to Go to College AbroadOrientation with Marist-LdM

All students of the Marist-LdM program are required to complete pre-departure readings and attend activities and seminars held up until the first day of classes, in order to acclimate themselves to the new environment.

Before classes begin, students are taught how to cook from a local chef and how to purchase groceries from the local market.  Florence is known as a walk-able city and, as numbers of English-speaking students increase, they have developed many options in the city center making it easy for students to access the goods and services they may need.

An orientation with the Italian police department is also included so that students feel safe while earning their bachelor’s degree abroad. In the event of an emergency, students are given contact information for local response teams. The Dean of Students office is also open and available for students as another place to receive assistance.

Housing and Amenities at Marist-LdM

The Marist-LdM students studying abroad never have to worry about finding safe and secure housing. Provided all four years, students can choose between two housing options. Residence Facilities offer traditional dorm-style living with professional staff, resident directors, and resident advisors who coordinate dorm programs and services to ensure students are able to develop on a personal level. The second option is Branch residences, which are fully furnished and are in walking distance from LdM buildings. Both options have been chosen based on distance from school, safety of the neighborhood, and reputation of the landlord.

Further, all residences are equipped with wireless Internet so that you can call home in a moment’s notice. They also include laundry machines (dryers are found at the local Laundromat as residents of Florence prefer to line-dry) providing convenience and security to students.

Marist-LdM Maintains a Sense of Community

Whether you are traveling with an art history class or staying on campus during the weekend, there are multiple options that foster a sense of community and camaraderie among students, staff, and the city.

Services provided on campus range from English-speaking health professionals and counseling services, to academic advising from two individual advisors, one in Poughkeepsie and one in Florence. Access to all New York-based Marist student services, like the career center, is also made available so that students in the Florence program are not limited in their experiences.

Academic Field Trips and Program Excursions are hosted by university faculty. They include day-trips and weekend visits to various Italian cities, further immersing students in Italian art and culture. Several clubs are also available for students who are looking to fill free time and create friendships. Of course, creating your own adventures is encouraged as well!

Our study abroad  Bachelor’s Degree FAQ provides additional answers to questions about safety concerns and required procedures for the Marist-LdM programs. The Italy Program Profiles highlight why earning a Bachelor’s degree in Florence Italy is an experience like no other!