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Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for developing and administering a Code of Student Conduct that supports the College's values, goals, and priorities. Marist-LdM is committed to providing an environment that promotes academic learning, institutional and personal integrity, justice and equality. Marist-LdM considers all Marist-LdM students as partners in the responsibility of creating and maintaining that environment.

Our Student Conduct philosophy informs students of their responsibilities as members of the community, involves students, faculty and staff in administering the judicial process, and assists all members of the campus community to live and learn in an environment that is orderly, peaceful, and supportive of individual growth and development.

Students found in violation of the student code of conduct or resident handbook will be held accountable following the judicial process outlined in the student code of conduct.  Students wishing to better understand the judicial process should consult the Student Conduct FAQs or consult their resident director.  Additionally students wishing to participate in the student conduct process as a student justice can view more information on the Marist student justice program.

Online Resources

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