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Safety and Security


In case of emergency, the first priority is to ensure the safety of the student involved, so before you call home, call the Marist-LdM emergency phone and speak with the on-call RD.  Resident Directors are trained to know how to respond to emergencies and how to navigate the Florentine health system. In addition, the Italian Emergency response teams are native Italians who may not be able to speak English or understand your questions.

Knowing who to call:



Marist-LdM Emergency number:                                        


+39 377 168 3341                    
Marist-LdM Office in Florence:       


+39 055 289 200
US Consulate in Florence:                


+39 055 266 951
HTH – Main Line:


+1 877 424 4325
HTH – Medical Emergency Number:


+1 610 254 8771
HTH – Customer service:  


+1 610 254 8769
Italian Police Emergency:     


Italian Carabinieri Emergency:


Italian Fire Station:


Ambulance – first aid:  


Tourist Medical Center: 


+39 055 475 411
Night Medical Service(24 hours): 


+39 055 212 222
Piazza Doumo(Pharmacy 24 hours): 


+39 055 211 343
Train Station(Pharmacy 24 hours):     


+39 055 216 761
Marist International Programs (NY):  


+1 845 575 3330
Marist College Security(Emergency line):  


+1 845 575 5555



  • Italian style and dress can differ from that of America. Items such as flip-flops, sweatshirts, and sweatpants—which are a part of the normal college experience in the U.S.—are rarely worn by native Italians, who also tend to dress more conservatively. 

Urban Campus/Living

  • While Florence is a very safe and enjoyable environment to live and learn in, life on an urban campus can be different from a rural or closed-off campus.  Students are strongly encouraged to double-lock their doors when no one is home and to be respectful of neighbors. When going out and exploring the city or traveling to other places, the Marist-LdM staff suggests traveling with friends and in groups. If a person decides to leave the group, make sure to inform someone that you will meet up with them later and state where you are going.

Judicial: Italy v. United States

  • While in the United States, students have the right to freedom of speech and to peacefully assemble. Italian laws can differ regarding protests and speeches, so students are strongly urged not to become involved with any political and/or economical demonstrations.