Preparing to Study Abroad in Italy

Florence Italy Study Abroad Program Pre-Departure Checklist

Preparing to study abroad in Italy can seem daunting, but adding key tasks to your pre-departure list can make organizing stress free. Before take-off, schedule time to research your travel destinations, connect with classmates and school resident advisors, and pack smart to create a stress-free travel experience.

Researching Your Travel Destinations

Your first order of business while preparing to study abroad is researching your destination’s history and culture. It is important to be prepared to understand the way locals live in order to create an open mind for your traveling. Many of the courses at Marist-LdM focus on the history of art in Florence, so it may be helpful to know your basics ahead of time! If you plan to take part in any travel excursions, research those destinations as well so that you know which adventures are worth your time and money. Studying abroad can get pricey, but if you plan right you will have the experience of a lifetime.

Connect With Your Peers Abroad

Connecting with your classmates can make the easy of the transition from home to abroad much easier. If you can, reach out to several classmates you know are attending the same study abroad trip with you, connect over Facebook, and share tips on your study abroad pre-departure rituals. If you are not staying in the campus housing and plan to stay with a host family, it is important to contact and connect with them ahead of time to learn their family culture and rules. Maintaining a strong relationship with your host family will make your study abroad experience a much happier one.

How to Pack for Study Abroad

In the final weeks before you leave for your study abroad trip to Florence, Italy, it is time to consider what you are going to bring with you. There are many detailed lists published online by experienced travelers, but we have some tips to help you decipher what’s necessary and what is not in your travel preparations:

  • Avoid over-packing as luggage fees can skyrocket. You can always buy extra supplies once you arrive in Florence. Reference a packing list and advice from study abroad veterans for what is essential in your suitcase.
  • Space bags can help save a lot of space in your suitcase. Buy ones that don’t require the use of a vacuum as you may not have one available when you’re planning your return to the states.
  • A portable luggage scale will help you keep your luggage light when traveling to and from other countries during your excursion trips.
  • Toiletries are something you can buy abroad. Instead, purchase refillable containers to bring with you and use when you arrive.
  • Pack smart to avoid theft. Luggage locks and tags will help secure your items, especially if you plan to stay overnight in a youth hostel. It’s also important to pack electronics in your carry on and keep them with you at all times.
  • Adapters are another great item to bring. Many outlets in other countries are different from American outlets. You’ll want to have a charged camera or phone to take amazing photos of your memories.

Completing these tasks on your study abroad pre-departure list will help you feel safe and stress-free throughout your travel experiences. Contact us to learn more about studying abroad with Marist-LdM and make Florence, Italy your next travel destination.