Studying Art and Design in Florence

Benefits of Earning Your Art Degree in Italy

While studying abroad in Florence you are gaining experience beyond your course schedule. As a student on the Marist-LdM campus, you are immersing yourself in the art, culture, and history of Florence, Italy. There are endless benefits to earning your art degree in Italy and they are all rooted in taking advantage of the experiences waiting for you abroad.

Studying Art and Design in Florence | Earning Your Art Degree in ItalyStudying Art and Design in Florence, one of Italy’s oldest and most historical cities is an opportunity for personal growth and development, which can enhance your experience as a student. The Marist-LdM campus offers a variety of clubs and organizations that serve as hybrids of learning, as they incorporate areas of study such as theater and photography, while focusing on Italian art and culture.

Immersion in Italian culture continues with overnight and weekend trips around Italy and across Europe. Students can also arrange their own travel excursions, and current students have visited Rome, Parma, and the Italian Alps among many others.

The benefit of earning your art degree in Italy doesn’t end there. The Marist-LdM campus is located in an area filled with famous churches, museums, and gardens; places which professors encourage students to investigate while completing their academics. Students are also offered the choice of taking a culinary session with a professional chef to indulge their sense in Italian cuisine. What better way to study art and design than by studying it firsthand, in the center of the history of Florence!

Students of art restoration have taken advantage of their bachelor’s degree abroad and restored paintings and sculptures by art masters such as Michelangelo and Botticelli. Art and Graphic Design students are able to showcase their work and receive professional feedback on their pieces.

When you choose to study art and design in Florence you are choosing a program that allows students to gain first-hand experience in the industry. You are surrounded daily by the culture of Italy and gain a greater appreciation for the world around you.

Take advantage of all the opportunities awaiting you at Marist Italy and enroll now in the four-year study abroad Bachelor’s degree to complete your Art and Design degree abroad.