Earn a Fashion Design Degree in Italy

Marist's B.F.A. in Fashion Design program in Florence, Italy

When one thinks of fashion in Italy, the first city that probably comes to mind is Milan. But in the heart of Florence lives another vibrant, blossoming fashion scene: the Marist Italy B.F.A. in Fashion Design. If you’re looking to explore a new culture, enjoy a college experience like no other, and learn the skills to begin your career in the world of fashion design, the Marist B.F.A. in Fashion Design in Florence, Italy is the perfect choice for you.

Marist, in partnership with Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM), gives students the chance to experience a Fashion Design degree at an Italian university. The Marist-LdM program is designed specifically to help students in this highly competitively field create lasting connections. Our faculty are not only teachers, but well-connected fashion industry professionals with ties throughout the world. These faculty members leverage their connections to help B.F.A. Fashion Design students develop a broad understanding of all aspects of the fashion industry. This gives students looking to earn a fashion design degree in Italy the chance to collaborate with photographers, find models, organize publicity, and gain a true understanding of the real fashion world.

Before you can become the next Versace or Vera Wang, you must learn the techniques and fundamentals of fashion. Through the B.F.A. in Fashion Design, you will learn a variety of fashion techniques, including paper models, draping, sewing, embroidery, knitwear, printing, designing accessories, and more. It is through these fundamentals that you will hone your craft and begin to develop the invaluable techniques that will serve you throughout your career.

Another perk of the B.F.A. in Fashion Design in Florence, Italy is the library. Marist’s Florence, Italy Fashion Design Department is fully equipped for creative research. Our fashion-specific library focuses on everything related to fashion research, as well as a vast selection of printed resources available at the central library. You will never lack for information or inspiration here! We also feature a sewing lab equipped with mannequins and industrial sewing machines for you to practice your skills and create any designs you may have.

The biggest perk of all is not what’s in our classrooms but where they are. Florence, Italy is a city steeped in history and culture. You will spend your days surrounded by some of the world’s greatest works of art and architecture. On weekends, fashion epicenters like Milan are a train ride away, making the world of high fashion as accessible as you could ever hope to imagine. When you go to college in Florence, the chance to immerse yourself in another culture will open your eyes to a world of opportunity just waiting to be explored.

The Marist-LdM partnership allows us to provide the best college experience in Florence possible. All classes are taught in English by international faculty, and the city of Florence is very accommodating to tourists and English-speaking guests. If you’re ready to earn a fashion design degree in Italy, click here to request more information on this program that’s just your style.