Studying Abroad Your Freshman Year

Experience Your Freshman Year Studying Abroad in Florence, Italy.

Freshman year is an exciting time for any college student, but imagine spending your first year studying in Florence, Italy. Marist’s Freshman Florence Experience (FFE) is a unique experience for college freshman with excellent high school transcripts looking to study at an American College abroad. FFE students are able to complete their foundations courses through this program, meaning you can experience all that Florence has to offer while keeping pace with your peers. If you’ve ever wanted to experience historic works of art and the Italian culture firsthand, the Marist FFE program is for you.

Earn Credits for Your Foundation Classes While Studying Abroad

Through a partnership with Instituto Lorenzo de’ Medici, Marist college offers several bachelor’s degrees and programs, including the FFE. Owing to a shared vision of excellence in education, this partnership allows Marist students the very best when it comes to faculty and facilities. All classes are taught in English, though all students are required to take Italian language as part of the program.

The foundation classes taught at Marist-LdM give freshman study abroad students the same learning experience as their New York-campus peers. The difference is that outside of the classroom sits one of the most historically significant cities in the world. Florence provides the ideal backdrop for courses in art history and architecture. With a seemingly endless array of museums, churches, and works of art at their fingertips, FFE students get an education that goes far beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to visit the Uffizi Galleries, Pitti Palace and Boboli gardens, the former homes of the Medici Family that now house their extensive art collections.

The Freshman Year Abroad Experience

Freshman year is an adjustment for all students, but that goes tenfold for any student spending their freshman year abroad. Studying abroad requires all students to be self-reliant and mature. Students are expected to cook their own meals, do their own laundry, and do their grocery shopping, all while completing their coursework and maintaining their grades. With so many new responsibilities, Marist Florence takes the initiative to properly introduce students to their new lives and expectations.

All Marist FFE students receive an introductory course upon arrival, helping give them all the necessary information they’ll need to acclimate their new day-to-day life. For instance, students are taught how to shop at the local market, are given basic cooking classes, and receive walking tours around the city to help with navigation. FFE students are placed in housing with resident assistants (RAs) and are presented with various social opportunities to meet other members of the FFE class. RAs are always available to assist students if needed, just as an RA at Marist’s New York campus would. Speaking of Marist’s New York campus, once FFE students have completed their freshman year, they are introduced to our Poughkeepsie, NY campus through a special orientation program. It is our mission to make you feel at home, regardless of where that home may be.

Studying abroad your freshman year in Florence, Italy can jumpstart your academic career. Contact us today to learn more about our Freshman Florence Experience.

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