Where to Study Fashion in Italy

Studying Fashion Design Abroad in Italy

Florence is home to hundreds of years of art history and culture making it a top city in Italy to study fashion design abroad. Dating back to the Renaissance, fashion has filled the streets of Florence, Italy and brought us some of today’s renowned designers such as Gucci, Pucci, Roberto Cavalli, and Ferragamo. Immerse yourself in the culture, art and fashion of Florence while you study some of fashion’s legends. Consider Marist-LdM for your Fashion Design bachelor’s degree and give yourself a step ahead with a unique and well-rounded four-year study abroad experience.

Students enrolled in the Marist-LdM Fashion Design major have taken the step toward creating a successful career in fashion. Bachelor's in Fashion Design students are provided with a strong curriculum base to propel them to success in the fashion industry. Students begin learning about the history of fashion moving into techniques of figure drawing and completing designs with models, sewing, printing, accessories, and more. The state-of-the-art labs offer students access to mannequins for draping and industrial sewing machines to bring pieces to life. The computer labs on campus provide the most up-to-date software to create rendered pieces in a technical sphere. These facilities are available for student use at all times so that they may create and explore their ideas and bring them to life.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of studying fashion design in Italy is being in Florence. Within a city teeming with culture and history, there are so many places to find inspiration. Museums and architecture can inspire students' designs as well as local marketplaces filled with color and texture. Wherever you end up in your Italian adventures, you will find something you can bring back to the classroom or develop into your designs.

Not only will students studying fashion design abroad in Florence, Italy learn from skilled professors at Marist-LdM, they will be connected with photographers, models, and publicity agencies to understand the entirety of the fashion world, from creating a piece to hosting a runway show. Studying abroad also provides students with the opportunity to visit the various "Fashion Week" shows across Europe in cities such as London, Paris, and Milan. Graduates of the Fashion Design bachelor’s degree program will be equipped with the professional tools and experience to launch their career in the highly competitive global fashion industry.

Apply to the Fashion Design major with Marist-LdM today! Interested applicants should complete a portfolio ahead of time to submit with application materials showcasing personal interests and the images and ideas that inspire your work. Contact us for more information on the majors offered through Marist and learn more about studying Fashion Design in Florence, Italy.