Studying Abroad for Four Years

Do More With Your Undergraduate Degree

Choosing to study abroad for all four years of college is one of the most adventurous decisions you can make as an incoming college student. Four-year study abroad programs are not yet as popular as staying in the United States for college, but more and more students are expressing interest in going international for their degree to become better versed in the world, and more marketable for post-graduation employment opportunities. 

College is a time of self discovery and independence, which is why the prospect of studying all four years abroad can be a bit frightening to some. However, the students who choose to spend their entire undergraduate career abroad find they are uniquely positioned to do more with their undergraduate degree. By immersing themselves in a foreign culture, students have the opportunity to learn new languages, eat exotic foods, explore new cultures, and shape their worldviews in ways traditional college students simply cannot replicate. 

Studying Abroad for 4 YearsAll of this experience really pays off when you’re ready to take on a career. Studying abroad can help your resume standout from the crowd, and employers love the skills and unique viewpoints students earn while studying abroad. What’s more, you will be able to interact with people around the world, and develop lifelong friendships and connections throughout the globe.

For most college students, the first year of college will be their first extended time away from home, and being homesick is very common. This is obviously amplified while studying half a world away, but the experiences, friendships, and connections you will make during these four years are beyond comparison. Not many college graduates get to say they learned a new language, have friends from around the world, studied ancient pieces of art, or lived among historical artifacts while earning their degree.

Staying connected to your roots isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers but it is possible! Griffin Verheyden, a student at the Marist-LdM brance campus, uses Facebook to stay connected to her home state of Texas. “Everyone back home is always so excited to see pictures from trips, or even just to get a feel for what my life is like in Florence,” she said. “Plus, it helps me to not feel so far away when I can see on a regular basis what people back home are up to.”

Marist makes sure to keep students engaged in their degree abroad to avoid students becoming lost. “The staff is always there to help with any issue academically, or if there is an issue with your apartment,” says Digital Media major, Christian Herman. “They also organize a lot of trips and events for students.” You’ll never get bored exploring the city and learning new cultures, or studying for your classes. There’s always something new and exciting to do that pertains to your undergraduate degree.

Become the student that takes positive risks: a normal college experience traded for a college experience that helps mold you into a dynamic person ready for the professional world. Bring your experiences back and share them with your friends and family (and watch the jealous looks you receive).

Your decision to study abroad for four years could be the springboard to opportunities you never imagined. Contact us to learn more about the Marist Italy four-year undergraduate program.