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Cost of Attendance for Florence, Italy Bachelor's Degree 

Undergraduate Degree Program 2018-2019 Semester Tuition, Housing, and Other Fees

Housing for Students Studying Abroad in ItalyThe estimated fees listed below are for the 2018-2019 academic year. The full-time study abroad tuition rate allows undergraduate students to take 12-16 credits. Bachelor’s degree students taking more than 16 credits will be charged the per-semester-hour rate for each credit over 16. All fees outlined below are per semester (two semesters per academic year) unless otherwise stated. Costs are shown in United States Dollars.

Undergraduate students earning their bachelor's degree through the Marist four-year degree program in Florence, Italy will be housed in apartments arranged by Marist-LdM. All undergraduate students enrolled in the study abroad program will live in the center of the city of Florence, Italy.  Housing is guaranteed for all four years.

All apartments are equipped with kitchens for students to prepare meals. As part of each undergraduate student’s orientation to the study abroad program, they will be taught how to shop in the central market and cook by an Italian chef. Students can choose to be on a lunch plan for an additional fee.

Total Estimated Cost of Attendance 2018-2019:


US Dollars

US Dollars


Full Year


Tuition and Fees
Room Double Occupancy
Board (only optional 66 voucher lunch meal plan)
Additional Study Abroad Fees (itemization below)



TOTAL Billable Fees $50,830 $25,415

Scholarships and Aid

We know that a college education is a significant investment for many families, and we want to be sure our students receive the best value for their investment. Many of our families discover that with proper options, the cost of Marist’s Florence campus is within reach.

All undergraduate US citizens and non-US citizens are considered for Scholarship and Aid.

You can find more information on our undergraduate scholarships and financial aid page.

Florence Italy Bachelor's Degree Tuition:

  US Dollars
Full-Time Enrollment
(12-16 credit hours)
Part-Time Enrollment
(average class = 3 credits,
rate determined by Marist main campus)
Over 16 Credit Enrollment $700/credit


Housing Fees For Florence Italy Study Abroad Program Per Semester:

  US Dollars
Double Occupancy Room $3,950.00
Single Occupancy Room $6,150.00


Additional Study Abroad Fees Per Semester:

  US Dollars
Lab Fee (FYS - Freshman; Fall Only) $200.00
Activity Fee $325.00
Health Insurance $390.00
Orientation Fee* (Freshmen) $500.00
Orientation Fee* (Transfers) $200.00
Lunch Meal Plan
(66 meal vouchers/semester)


Estimated Out of Pocket Expenses for Studying Abroad Per Semester:

  US Dollars
Transportation (plane travel, buses, taxis, etc.) $1,700.00
Documents (passport, visa, permesso, etc.) $300.00
Course Supplies (books, materials, etc.) $800.00
Misc. (laundry, mail, etc.) $500.00
Meals (self-prepared) $2,400.00
TOTAL $5,700.00/semester

Note: The fees listed above are for the 2018-2019 Academic year. All fees are subject to change for subsequent years and may do so without notice. In addition to the fees listed above, students participating in the bachelor's degree program may incur additional fees, not payable to Marist College, for items such as airline tickets, course supplies, books and personal expenses. A sample out-of-pocket budget is provided below. Please note these are estimates and can vary depending on each student's lifestyle and needs.